Sunday, 23 November 2008


I haven't been able to update my blog off late... reason being I am travelling a lot and cooking has taken a backseat...
Long time ago when we visited a small shanty hotel in DOWN METTUR as it was known... I did not expect to eat one Dosa which would make an impression all my life. This place was not too clean but was really crowded. The owner made us comfortable by giving us the best table and best waiter???
What do you have we asked... his answer was--- Plain Roast, Onion Roast,Cauliflower Roast, Neyyi Roast (ghee is Neyyi)... Utappam,Idli , Vada.... set dosai... Boori , Barrotta.....

Taken to the word Roast i was quite inquisitive what it would be ,. my husband played it safe by ordering set dosai,, which of course arrived in minutes. My order was delayed and when asked why got the answer lots of people were ahead of me for this Cauliflower Roast. I was impressed that I had chosen a nice dish prefered by so many people...

It was brought finally... I was too shocked , much to the amusement of all others on my table.. it was a dosa stuffed with Cauliflower curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nevertheless it was one of the tastiest dosas. After that a long time I was devoted to the Cauliflower roast till we left that place, but slowly it faded from memory.

Recently I thought of pictures and one was in this Ananda Bhavan, triggering off the Roast button in my brain.. I tried it at home.. and Lo was quite delicious... not exactly like that place , but still....
Here is the recipe for you which is very easy and is a litle different from the usual dosa we eat..

3 cups of Rice
1 cup of urad dal ( uddina bele,split black gram)
1 spoon Methi ( mentye , fenugreek seeds)
4 spoons of Tuvar dal ( togari bele, yellow lentils)
1 spoon of riceflakes ( avalakki)
Soak the rice separately and the rest of the ingredients with the urad dal for about 6 to 8 hours..Grind them separately and mix them with salt to taste and leave it to ferment in a warm place about 10 to 12 hours..Next day the batter is ready to make crispy dosas... the variations can be done by using more of riceflakes and eliminating tuvar dal to give a soft texture...:
For the Topping
1 cup Cauliflower ( chopped into fine florets )
1/2 cup Onions (finely chopped)
1 tomato (chopped)

Colourful Cauliflower Roast
In a small pan , use a spoon of oil, saute the onion, cauliflower and peas. Add a pinch of salt , garam masala and turmeric powder. Add tomatoes once the cauliflower is done. Keep aside.
On a Non stick pan spread a ladle full of Dosa Batter ( slightly thicker than plain dosa) . Immediately spread the spoon full of the prepared masala . Sprinkle a spoon of ghee around the spread batter and cover.

Let the dosa cook for a few minutes. If you feel it needs to be done.. carefully turn it to the other side.
Serve hot with Chutney or Butter!!!!
Hope to update regularly from now on with loads of Traditional dishes....