Friday, 26 June 2009


God knows that it took me one month to do a market research on smaller cars, preferably a hatch-back and friends and relatives stopped talking to me because I would only speak about cars and cars.After loads of test drive. I decided i would go in for the Maruti Brand , because of their customer service. Fell for the Black coloured Zen Estilo. Ever since in love with my Black Beauty.
All this was way back in October. Then began the series of calls which come in for the first three free services...
The first one went offText Colour without a hitch. For the second one, the I spy you began..They call and I am not in town, I call they don't have a vacant spot to take up the service. Finally we decided the 12th of June. They sent a driver for the pick up (Exclusive service for their lady customers, I was told!!). He checkup what all he could and then took it after announcing that he thinks the vehicle is fine but they will call up if there are any charges.
Friday evening my vehicle arrived back, no problems what so ever. I was delighted to see the dues written zero,signed the received letter and thanked him.
After half hour when I decided to take the girls on a drive notice that the car wasn't responding the the remote signal of the key.
I was perplexed.Nothing could go wrong.. It was fine when he brought it. No !!I hadn't checked that .. Did I? Well I opened the car manually and kept wondering.. My face seemed so puzzled a friend who was quite acquainted with cars and its mechanism.... said " don't worry.. usually they turn off the central remote control button when they are washing cars!!!!!!!!!" OH what a relief.. I was a bit glad.With a smile on my face that things , we parked at a library and i was again wondering aloud . Two men around who tried to help me out said madam you cannot do all this.. go to the service station .This seems to be a major problem not some button off on issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Service centre gene call maadi!! (call the service centre).
Uff , my smile was off now. Thank god the number of the person who did the servicing was on the tag... Called him Poor man, he seemed as perplexed and offered to send someone first thing next day. I kept wondering all night,, in the process got worked up.
Next day I expected him to what he promised. Be at my place at 10 sort out the issue.Obviously he has better job!!As usual I was expecting too much when I believed serviceman I thought. He was supposed to arrive at 10, and I had to attend a course at 11 so , I called him and said I will come to the service station. On the way, I got worked up all the more . But when I met Ms.S who was quite nice to me all through the purchase of the vehicle and been my point of contact ever since.I burst out loud..."What is this S??? Don't you think it is easier if you sorted out everything when you take the car for a service. I thought your customer service was too good!!! But then see I cant even close my car from a distance (so what don't i have hands to go near and lock it manually , my previous car did not have a remote sensing key... , well anyway will behave as though I grew up with this luxury) Don't you think it is bad that I have to rush here first thing in the morning?
She was calm and composed,and said with a smile "please leave the car here madam I will see to it it is done ".
NO S i have to go out and be at a place by 11 I need to get it done now..
I was being stubborn. I have every reason to be. I am the customer, they cannot afford to displease me!!!
she tried frantically to get hold of the person who did the servicing of my car, he was late that day.. with no other engineer around she was also wondering what to answer when a Breakdown service personnel ( his badge said so) walked in.
Seeing the both of us in that mood and mode he offered to help.
What happened next was the reason of the title, an anticlimax for the scene I created!!!
He took the key saw that it was fine... he checked all the doors.
The door of the Boot , the fifth door (dikki) was not closed. That was the only reason the central locking wouldn't recognise.. I went red and stayed red all day with Embarrassment , can't write any more lest the words turn red.

Have you ever been in such a situation? I hope not.
The only saving grace of the day was the course I went to. Here are some pictures of my work I learnt during the 10 days..