Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas frenzy

Christmas time again and fun time for the girls. I wasn't surprised to a list of presents in their Santa's letters, but then what surprised me was the way the letter was written..Every year I want to speak them out of this Santa Claus thing but ,, somehow feel, let them enjoy the few more years left ,and then anyway they will find out.
just posting pictures of their letters and the way they decorated the house. We do plan to bake a egg less chocolate cake. will post the recipe with the pictures tomorrow. Today the letter has to reach Santa.. or else they might not get their presents in spite of being nice all year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her letter was simple and to the point... here is what it says!!!!

Dear Santa,

I am so glad that Christmas is here once more. It will be very fun since dad is here too.Santa, did you know that plum cake has no plum in it at all? I saw the ingredients in the supermarket...Funny, isn't it? How is Mrs. Claus and how are the elves? Here is my list

1.happy family

2, Roller skates

3.A set of nice party clothes,

4.A 3.D board game , scooby doo one!!!

That's all ,I want for this Christmas.I am really sorry the letter came late , were were busy .I also have a C.D of harry potter now so i did not ask for it . Thanks in advance..Bye



P.S. My thumb is better now.

It isn't any piece of art but seeing their interest in making the card, collage etc.... I decided to make it the topic of my blog..

The little one's letter much sweeter .....

She says...

Dear Santa Claus

How are you?Is it really cold up there in north pole?I feel really bad for the polar bears u there , they are losing they're homes because of Global warming!!! Please say hi from me to the elves, they must be working very hard every year.What do u reward them with? How is Mrs. Claus... sending my regards to her too!!! I heard she makes delicious cookies. is that true?

I have tried to be a good girl this year. I have got very good compliments in my report card and outstanding marks in all my tests.. Here are the things I want for this Christmas.

M.A.D art kit

Instrument (anything other than guitar) with its lessons please

A happy family - A Sasha Bratz doll

Roller skates

P.S. Sorry for writing the letter so late..and also I am trying to stop global warming!!!

Love you..... very much.Hopeing you will be here on the 24th midnight...

Aren't the letters cute???? I wish I could belive in Santa as ardently as they do!!!

Hope Santa will visit all who asked for him to visit.....


Sandhya said...

Innocence at its best!!! Very beautiful letters written by cute girls. It is amazing that Shraddha is thinking of stopping global warming. May she be successful in her efforts. Kudos to Shriya for having "Happy Family" on the top of her list. May all her wishes come true.

Belated Merry Christmas to you all.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful...their innocence and belief in 'all that is good' is so touching. God bless them!!
- http://writerzblock.wordpress.com/