Thursday, 26 February 2009


Bakery style Open Sandwich...

Mysore Iyengar's bakery are famous for its tasty veg puffs, open sandwiches, dil pasand... the list goes on and on. I just tried making the open sandwich for the girls.I am sure many of us have tasted it in our times.

The recipe seemed simple. I just had to bake the bread for about 15 minutes after placing the masala curry on it (that is what the bakery owner told me!!).
Delighted I walked home to give a treat to my girls.After all the preparation to my horror found the oven cannot work... NO POWER FOR 9 HOURS THIS DAY!!! said the paper.Why did not have the sense to read MORNING PAPER in the morning...
Well now that I had stuff ready.. I used the Tava (flat girdle to get the desired effect.) It did turn out nice... But the next time I will surely make good use of paper like Radio for weather forecast.
One loaf of sandwich bread
One cup Carrot - Grated
One cup potato - Grated
1 or 2 green chillies (to taste) - chopped finely
1 inch ginger - grated
One cup -chopped finely
small piece of Cabbage - Grated or chopped finely
Capsicum - chopped finely
Turmeric a pinch for the colour
Noodles masala or garam masala
oil for seasoning
butter to spread
jeera/cumin seeds (half a spoon)
salt to taste
In a kadai or deep bottom pan add one spoon of oil.When the oil is hot add cumin seeds, turmeric for colour and curry leaves.Then add green chillies,ginger, onion,capsicum and saute them till the onion turns red. When onion is done add the rest of the grated vegetables (carrot,potato and cabbage).Add a little water to cook them well. According to your taste add the masala.. either noodles masala or garam masala and Salt. Cook till the potatoes are cooked and soft. Keep the spread aside.
Take the bread slices, smear the butter and the masala spread evenly. Place in the OTG for about 15 minutes at high. Serve Hot.
Since I had no power. I placed them with a little oil on a Flat girdle.. covered it up with a deep bottom pan... giving the desired effect. It turned out as delicious.
Try this and let me know...


LG said...

Sandwich looks yummy Shubha.
I make this often for our breakfast. Few weeks ago I made chapathi, applied mango chutney on it and then spread the curry over it and wrapped it to make a roll and carried it in my lunch box :D it tasted equally delicious :)

srinivas said...

another yummy recipe :) - shortly am visiting your bakery madam :P

instead of garam masala, can home made masala can be used?

Shubha said...

Thanks Lakshmi for another recipe... of course mango chutney makes excellent spread ....

@TVS sir, thankyou... Welcome any time.Any masala can be used. It should be to suit our palate. You can even use left over Maggi masala to get a tangy flavour.

Anusha said...

Shubha,the sandwiches are really yummy to look at & must be really delicious as well.Will try it out & let you know.Thanks for the recipe

Mythili Kannan said...

Fantastic gal... Yummy, yummy... Once out of my fever N cold, will give a try to all ur recipes

Priyanka said...

looks nice..
i normally chop tomatoes, onions, cucumber, mushrooms,

spread butter on bread, add chooped stuff, add grated cheese and bake it. sprinkle black pepper before serving.. YUMMY !!!

will try ur recipe