Sunday, 12 April 2009


Today it was again a Dosa breakfast day at my place. As usual I had to do something for the girls to keep their interest in the food .Their Lunch box favourite is always NUMBER DOSAS with different numbers to keep their tummy full. Though dosas are not ideal lunch box stuff as they get a bit sticky in the lunch box. I found in these two types of the smaller dosas I make.. they don't stick much and kids are happy too.

The basic ingredient in both the below recipe is dosa batter which is easy to make and store.
3 cups of Rice
1 cup of urad dal ( uddina bele,split black gram)
1 spoon Methi ( mentye , fenugreek seeds)
4 spoons of Tuvar dal ( togari bele, yellow lentils)
1 spoon of riceflakes ( avalakki)
Soak the rice separately and the rest of the ingredients with the urad dal for about 6 to 8 hours..Grind them separately and mix them with salt to taste and leave it to ferment in a warm place about 10 to 12 hours.The batter is ready to be used after it is fermented well.


This is normal dosa batter just forming different numbers and shapes. My girls always enjoyed these as toddlers while learning numbers and did addition on it as well... which added up to their ages...

I hope your kids will enjoy this too...

To make Number dosa:
Just take the batter and pour on the tawa in the desired shape . Make them smaller in size to fit the lunch box. These can be served with honey or onion chutney/coconut chutney.

DOSA OR PIZZA? They call this DOZZA:
This version of Dosa is a real favourite these days. They love this DOZZA ,which is a dosa looking like a pizza,, dont you think so too?Ingredients:
Few pieces of chopped capsicum
1 grated carrot
few pieces of chopped tomato
few pieces of spring onions.
two spoons of oil.
Pour the batter on the tawa in small rounds (about 6 on one medium tawa).Arrange the vegetable pieces as per your liking. Sprinkle oil and close the dosa for a minute or two.
Then let it cook a bit before packing off in the lunch box with some tomato sauce.
I am sending these recipes to Srivalli s MM - kids lunch event. This is the first ever I am participating. Thanks to Meeta for the lovely monthly mingle. Helping poeple like me to participate.


LG said...

Number dose looks nice Shubha, perfect for kids lunch box. DOZZA looks yummy too :)

Sandhya said...

Hi Shubha,

Dozza and number dose look yummy. I make dose in funny shapes for my daughter - apple, triangle, wheel, mango, fish (because she loves watching fish and calls them 'ish') etc. She identifies these while eating and it is an educative-cum-eating session. I add little ragi and flax seed powder while grinding for more nutrition.


Rashmi said...

Creative mommy..very nice idea to get kids eat without fuzzing :)

Srivalli said...

Looks so great..thanks for the entry!

poornima said...

Hai shubha ur blog is tremendous yaar well its wonderful have u not been at it recently ur dozzas are dizzy yaar , thanks